As part of Media literacy week - Break the Fake, which runs from October 7 to 11, we are releasing today our first-ever newsletter that specifically addresses media and information education. Subscribe!

We have been thinking about this newsletter for a long time.
The idea of collecting current events and news on media and information literacy (MIL) came to us a few years ago, in the course of events in which we participated, then activities we organized, and finally, as a result of our discussions with people who share our concerns about the proliferation of disinformation
This newsletter emerged from a need initially expressed in the field: to unify the players around initiatives that, more often than not, fly under the radar.
In the past few years, as the friends of Agence Science-Presse know, we have taken up the cause of fighting disinformation. Well before creating Rumor Detector, one of the very rare fact-checking sites in Canada,  we wrote and spoke regularly about the importance of giving our readers the tools to help them better understand the media and the role of journalists, and distinguish truth from falsehood to prevent rumour mongering and other excesses... However, the phenomenon of fake news in the Trump era led us to engage in more systematic monitoring. Up to now, we only used this information internally, but it appeared obvious that this work could contribute to feed the MIL networks that are starting to be built in Canada.
Therefore, this newsletter’s mission will be to monitor MIL: professional and academic meetings, journalism, new resources, etc. We will also regularly publish new features that may deal with a new practice, a new trend or a conference, addressed to anyone directly or indirectly interested in the fight against disinformation and the development of a critical perspective.
We are also calling on you! Share your ideas with us, point out new initiatives in MIL and help us discover unifying events! 
Finally, the decision to launch this newsletter today is not insignificant. Its launch coincides with Media Literacy Week, an annual Canada-wide event organized by MediaSmarts, which is also using this occasion to appeal to you to help stop the online spread of fake news! 
We look forward to meeting you and working together… Because fighting disinformation is everyone’s business!

Josée Nadia
Directrice générale — Agence Science-Presse