Deux sites passionnants, à fréquenter pour tout journaliste scientifique

Le premier site est australien: Media Doctor is a website dedicated to improving the accuracy of media reports about new medical treatments. Media Doctor reviews current news items about medical treatments, assesses their quality using a standardised rating scale and presents reviews of good and bad examples of reports on this website. It is anticipated that these independent and objective critiques will improve journalistic practices in reporting new medications and treatments in Australia. Il existe aussi un Media Doctor au Canada:

Le second site est américain et s'inspire du premier: Health News Review is a website dedicated to: * Improving the accuracy of news stories about medical treatments, tests, products and procedures. * Helping consumers evaluate the evidence for and against new ideas in health care. We support and encourage the ABCs of health journalism. * Accuracy * Balance * Completeness

Existe t-il un tel site au Québec ou dans la francophonie?